Our Services

We serve the following legal documents:
– Summons & Complaints
– Answers
– Pleadings
– Motions
– Orders to Show Cause
– Petitions
– Subpoenas
– Notices
– Rent Demands
– Eviction Notices
– Landlord/Tenant documents
– Custody documents
– Child support documents
– Divorce documents
– Demand letters
– Court orders
– Letters
– Wills
– Citations
– Surrogate court documents
And many moreā€¦

We also provide index purchases, filing services, file retrieval, and person locating upon request.

Services: Serving Papers on Secretary of State in NY

Secretary of State
When service cannot be effectuated on an individual at a corporation or on a registered agent, then you must serve the Secretary of the State of NY. Papers cannot be mailed to the Secretary of State in Albany – they must be delivered there IN HAND.

Fortunately, we serve in Albany! Our servers are ready, willing and able to serve your papers on the Secretary of State in Albany, NY, when necessary. We get the job done quickly and professionally, and will provide both an affidavit of service AND a receipt from the Department of State acknowledging that they received the papers.

Services: Serving Rent Demands & Petitions for Eviction in NY

Landlord/Tenant Disputes-
Are you a Landlord and looking to evict a tenant? Need to serve a rent demand, notice of termination, 30-day notice, 3-day notice, notice of petition for eviction, notice for non-payment, or any other Landlord/Tenant document? Then you came to the right place!

Landlord/Tenant matters are exceptionally tricky, even to lawyers and law firms. Landlord/Tenant cases have a special service rules spelled out in the NY RPAPL, which provide additional service steps, including manners of service, additional mailings and timeframes in which papers may be served.

Not only are the Landlord/Tenant service rules more complex than ordinary lawsuits, but NY courts are generally extra strict about Landlord/Tenant cases and any error in service procedures COULD GET YOUR CASED DISMISSED! Fortunately, we are fluent in the CPLR and RPAPL Landlord/Tenant service rules, and have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your Landlord/Tenant get served properly.