Q: What does a Process Server do?
A: Serves legal paperwork (as well as letters) and/or files court documents.
A: If a court requires personal service, a person should hire a process server rather than trying to have a friend or family member serve. There are certain procedural rules that must be followed in order to have proper service and certain information that must be stated in the affidavit of service.
A: Please view our pricing page for our current pricing structure.

Our Rates

A: Service on a person of suitable age and discretion at the resident or place of business followed up with a mailing
A: In some cases where the court allows or if service cannot be made in hand or upon a person of suitable age and discretion after three attempts.
A: An agent can accept service on behalf of a business or service can be made on the Secretary of State as the agent of a NY corp - only for cases venued in NYS
A: We cannot serve on Sundays or religious holidays