Our Rates

All of Long Island is one rate:

Regular Service on 1 individual at 1 address (first attempt within 3-5 Business Days; includes standard 3 attempts per address) – $125

Rush Service on 1 individual at 1 address (first attempt within 2 business days/48 hours; includes standard 3 attempts per address) – $225

*Jobs that require personal service/in-hand delivery only are an additional $75 (in addition to the regular or rush service rate; includes 4 attempts per 1 individual at 1 address)

*Service on additional parties at the same address is an additional $25 per individual

*Regular service on the New York Secretary of State is $165; Rush service on the NY Secretary of State is 225

Index purchases, filing services, file retrieval, and person locating – call for quote

(Bulk rates of 3 or more jobs at different addresses are available upon request by Attorneys/Law Firms)

Before you shop around for cheaper rates, please read this – it could save you thousands!

Yes, you may be able to find process servers that will charge less, but remember, you get what you pay for!

Rates for Quality Judicial Service – Nassau & Suffolk County

The law provides very specific instructions on how and when to serve various legal documents. This means that the proper service of all legal documents requires dedication of time and utmost attention to detail. Any deviation from the law can cost you from winning or properly defending your case! We are confident that the “cut rate” process servers do not provide the level of quality and attention that ACE Process is built on. Time and time again we have customers turn us down to shop around, only to call us back and hire our services after a cut-rate server did a botched job the first time around. We know that lawsuits generally have a lot at stake – do not risk losing your case for a nominal discount!

We accept payment by Credit Card, Check or Money Order. Payment-in-full must be made prior to the first attempt.

Please call or e-mail for payment information.