Process Servers in Massapequa

If you need a process server in Massapequa, you are in the right place. Our team of process servers in Nassau County is dedicated to making sure that you receive the most professional, reliable, and affordable services. We serve the entire Massapequa and Nassau County areas, for your convenience. Whether you need to have a complaint delivered or a summons served, our team will do it for you. Call Long Island Process Servers now at 516-857-3987.

Tenant and Landlord Papers Served by Process Servers in Massapequa

When you need to have tenant or landlord papers served in Massapequa, our team will be there to help you. We specialize in all types of papers from evictions to rent demands and more. Our team can serve your papers in accordance with the law and see to it that all papers are served in a timely manner.

Our team will work with tenants who need to have papers served on their landlords. Often times, these papers involve some type of dispute or the tenant may want to withhold rent due to repairs not being made.

In addition, we can serve tenants with demands and petitions from landlords, for the nonpayment of rent or eviction notices.

These papers are often time sensitive and have certain rules that must be complied with in connection to when and how they are served. Our process servers in Massapequa will work with you to make sure your landlord and tenant papers in Nassau County are served in the correct manner and as expeditiously as possible.

Process Server Solutions in Massapequa

When you work with our experienced process servers in Massapequa, we will make sure to serve your papers as fast as possible and we will act as a neutral party. Our team can serve any type of paper you need served. In fact, some of the most commonly served papers in Nassau County include:

  • Orders to show cause
  • Petitions
  • Summons and complaints
  • Local, state, and federal court documents
  • Personal injury case documents
  • Supreme court papers
  • Custody papers
  • Court filings and legal documents
  • Divorce papers and documents
  • Family court papers and decisions

Before you start to send your papers over to us, we ask that you please call or e-mail our office first to ensure that you send us the right papers. Often times, we only need one or two of the papers that you have. Our team will ensure that all of your court papers are delivered in a timely manner.

We have streamlined our entire process to ensure that you are never inconvenienced and that you can place your trust in us that your papers will be served. Once your papers are served, we will provide you with an Affidavit of Service for your records.

If you want to work with the process servers in Massapequa, call Long Island Process Servers now at 516-857-3987.