Process Servers in Deer Park, NY

If you are in need of a process server in Deer Park, we are here for you. At Long Island Process Servers, we work hard to provide you with the best services that are customized to meet your needs. We serve the entire Deer Park and Suffolk County areas, so all of your needs will be covered. Whether you want to have a summons delivered or you have court papers that need to be served, you can count on us. Call our office now at 516-857-3987.

Affidavit of Service for ALL Papers Served in Deer Park

When you hire our team to serve papers for you, you will have nothing to worry about. Often times, we hear our customers ask us how will they know that the papers have actually been served to the recipient. This is a valid question because without you there, how would you know? When our process servers in Deer Park serve your papers, we will let you know immediately, either via email or a phone call, that they were served. We will provide you with an Affidavit of Service via email and mail for court filing and/or to just keep for your records.

Services of Process in Deer Park

There are different types of papers that can be served to individuals and even businesses. Our team is able to handle serving any papers you need. We specialize in:

  • Subpoenas
  • Family court
  • Summons
  • Petitions
  • Eviction notices
  • Landlord and tenant papers
  • Divorce paperwork
  • Orders to show cause
  • And more

As you prepare your papers to send to us, we ask that you call or email our office first, so that we can make sure you send all of the correct papers. This will cut down on the time it takes to process your papers and serve them.

Our process servers in Deer Park are ready to work with you to ensure that all of your papers are properly delivered to the intended recipient. . We will work to find the exact recipient and we will never leave the papers with just anyone.

Our team will deliver each piece of paper you need delivered and we will provide you with an Affidavit of Service once the process is complete. Our team will communicate with you as well, so that you always know where you stand in the process.

Fast Legal Paper Delivery from Deer Park Process Servers

If you want to hire one of our expert process servers in Deer Park, call our office today. We are committed to making sure that your papers are served in the fastest possible time. Our team will ensure delivery of the papers to the correct party and we will even provide you with proof that the papers were served. Call Long Island Process Servers today at 516-857-3987 to schedule an appointment to have your important papers served.