Process Servers in Uniondale

If you have papers that need to be served upon a business or individual, you can count on our team of process servers in Uniondale as we provide several options for our clients depending on their specific needs. Our team is committed to making sure that we provide you with quick, affordable and reliable services in Nassau County. It’s a given that dealing with legal paperwork can be stressful and confusing. We are ready and able to provide you with the services you need and to offer convenience to you. Whether you’re looking to file a civil lawsuit or serve documents for a pending lawsuit, you can turn to our Uniondale, NY process servers! Even if you have hard-to-find individuals that you’re dealing with, we can make things easier on your end.

Need to learn more about having papers served? If so, please call Long Island Process Servers today at 516-857-3987.

Tenant and Landlord Papers Served – Uniondale, NY

Whether you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant or a tenant who needs to serve your landlord, then you need our help. We can assist with legal tenant and landlord papers in Uniondale, NY.

Our process servers in Uniondale, New York are dedicated to making sure that all of your papers are served (in hand delivery is offered whenever possible) in a fast and timely manner. Time is of the essence and we know it. Whether you have a tenant that won’t pay rent or are dealing with something else, we can assist when it comes to the service of papers.

If you have landlord or tenant papers that you need delivered, all you have to do is dial our number. We will get things done on time.

Service of Papers – Speedy Uniondale Process Servers

When you choose our process servers company in Uniondale, you can rest assured that you will be working with a team that is dedicated to your needs. Take a look at some of the things we can help with:

  • Orders to show cause
  • Landlord and tenant paperwork
  • Family court papers and custody papers
  • Local and state papers
  • Eviction notices
  • Writ of possession
  • Divorce paperwork
  • Summons, complaints, and petitions
  • Supreme court paperwork
  • And more

There are conveniences that we offer, for instance, you can send your legal documents in a PDF file in some cases. It’s best to get on the phone with our Uniondale, NY process servers so that we can explain how things work. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for our clients, and this is precisely what we will do for you.

Call to Serve Papers in Uniondale, NY (Nassau County)

If you have papers that need to be served in Nassau County, dial our number. Call Long Island Process Servers now at 516-857-3987.