Process Servers in Montauk

Serving papers is not always an easy task and you may find that it is a lot more difficult than you think. In fact, many people find that they are faced with serving their family and friends, which can cause unwanted confrontation. Our process servers in Montauk are ready to be that neutral third party you need and take the worry out of the process for you. We will properly serve all of your papers in the timeliest of manners.  At Long Island Process Servers, we serve all types of papers including but not limited to rent demands, divorce papers, petitions, and more. Call 516-857-3987.

Summons & Complaint Delivery in Montauk – Process Servers

If you need to have a summons and complaint delivered in Montauk, we are the team for you to turn to. Our experts will work beside you to ensure that we receive ALL of the proper paperwork to be served on the defendant(s). We do our best to ensure all papers are served in a timely manner, so that you move forward with your lawsuit as expeditiously as possible.

One of the reasons why customers in Suffolk County continue to lean on us is because we have made a promise to hand deliver ALL papers, whenever we can. You will never have to worry that your papers are just tossed around by our team

Summons and complaints in Montauk may be difficult to serve in cases where the defendant is expecting them and as a result may try to evade service. Our process servers in Montauk will ensure the defendant is served properly – we guarantee it.

In Handy Delivery – Montauk (Suffolk County) Process Servers

When it comes down to the papers you need served in Suffolk County, our team is ready to work with you. Our experienced process servers in Montauk can serve all types of papers to include:

  • Eviction notices
  • Demands for rent
  • Landlord and tenant papers
  • Subpoenas
  • Personal injury documents
  • Family court papers
  • Divorce paperwork
  • Summons, petitions, and complaints
  • Court filings and legal documents
  • Order to show cause
  • Supreme court papers
  • Local, state, and federal documents
  • And more

Before you send your paperwork to our office, we ask that you get in touch with our team. The reason is so that we can make sure you send the correct papers to help streamline the process. We will work with you to ensure your papers are hand delivered, on time. Our team of process servers in Montauk can’t wait to help you. Call our office now to have all of your questions answered.

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