Process Servers in Huntington Station, NY

Serving papers can be difficult, especially when you have had a personal relationship of any nature with the person you need to serve. For example, divorce papers are one of the most difficult papers to serve and that is where the process servers in Huntington Station step in. We will be the neutral third party and make sure that your papers are served to the correct recipient in accordance with the law. If you would like to go over the process with us, call Long Island Process Servers now at 516-857-3987.

Divorce Papers Served in Huntington Station

One of the first steps to your divorce action is proper service of the summons. This can be especially difficult when your spouse tries to evade service. Before you try to locate your spouse yourself and have a friend serve them, take a step back, and call our experienced team of process servers in Huntington Station. Our team will hand deliver the papers to the recipient and then provide you with an Affidavit of Service. When you hire us, you can rest assured that your spouse will have the formal divorce papers in hand!

Service of Process in Huntington Station

Working with process servers in Huntington Station is as easy as pie when you choose our team. We will explain the process to you and make sure that you send us all of the relevant papers, so that they can be served in a timely manner. Our process servers in Suffolk County can serve the following types of papers:

  • Divorce papers
  • Family court and personal injury papers
  • Orders to show cause
  • Subpoenas
  • Rent demands
  • Landlord and tenant papers
  • Court filings
  • Eviction notices
  • And much more

We have worked hard to streamline the process for you to ensure fast service. We accept all papers through PDFs or you can mail or fax them to us, if you prefer. Our team wants you to know that we will work closely with you and communicate all updates that we have. We will even provide you with any photos or videos that were taken at the time the papers were served.

If you have any questions about our services, call or email our office today.

Let Our Team Serve Your Papers

If you have papers that you need to have served, our team is here to make sure it happens. Our experienced process servers in Huntington Station will work with you to ensure your recipient is located and that papers are served directly to them. Our team hand delivers papers. If you would like to work with our team, call Long Island Process Servers at 516-857-3987.