We are a Landlord Services firm and here for you.

Are you looking to evict a tenant or tenant but dont know where to start? You have certain Landlord rights you must know. A dispute between a landlord and a tenant is very stressful and we do what we can to make the eviction as easy as possible for you. The eviction process can take a very long time if done incorrectly. An attorney will costs you thousands of dollars. They will tell you usually about $1500-2000 but there are hidden fees like Court appearances at a few hundred an hour.

Unless you are a corporation or an LLC, you do NOT need to hire an attorney and we can assist you with everything. Can you find someone less expensive then us? Probably, but we can tell you that most on Long Island do not have a clue on what they are doing and one mistake the judge will make you start the entire eviction process over and will cost you thousand more and time that you cant afford.

This is NOT a 1 step process no matter what anyone tells you. NO ONE can tell you when they are getting the tenant out by but we can assure you it will be faster with us then anyone else.